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Latest sports event - Carta-Rallye Marocco

The most recent sports event in which I took part is to be seen in this photo. From time to time I host presentations about my sports adventures which are announced on this page. If you would like to know more, you can contact me directly and I am happy to give you further information about my sports competitions and coming events. Please contact me via phone under +491724659430 or via e-mail to

March 2014: Carta-Rallye in Marocco

Occasionally I also do the Service at Desert Rallyes as at the "Carta-Rallye" in Marocco. On behalf of Maltec-Motorsports I do my best to reach the next service point as fast as I can but nevertheless reliably. Often I chose the shortest route even with heavy machinery.

Carta-Rallye in Marocco Carta-Rallye

Extreme athlete Jens Fritzsch

I am Jens Fritzsch. I was born on September 2nd, 1968. My sister Katrin was born one year later on September 2nd, 1969. At that time we did not suspect that we would have common challenges in extreme sports later on.

Extreme athlete Jens Fritzsch
Fritzsch Jens extreme athlete

Registered at school in 1975, I was presented my 1st moped from my father Karl, a Simson S50. With this moped I illicitly drove through fields and woodland around Stollberg in Saxony. But soon the engine performance did not suffice any more, therefore a 250 cc motorcycle Cross bike on an MZ basis was constructed by myself. This machine was followed by a further
On the way to the extreme athlete in the GDR Rallyesport sidecar team Sidecar team in the GDR Rallyesport

special machine by MZ and I became member of the Motorsports Club "Stahl Lugau" in the ADMV. A 200 cc Gaciva represented my top motorcycle during GDR times, but I soon Moved to the most powerful motorcycle Cross class, the sidecar class. This was in 1986. In this first year I still was a front-seat passenger (which is more exhausting than driving) and later as a driver in the GDR Rallyesport.

In the field of running it was quite similar. One of my favourite disciplines in school (1975 to 1985) was running. In the 100 metres and in the longest run, the 3000 meteres, I often dominated my class mates and I held the record amongst the gardener apprentices in Chemnitz. At this time I felt slowly that my strength might rather be the long distance. Therefore I looked for bigger and bigger challenges in the extreme sports. Today a 10 km run is the shortest competition I take part in and I only reach the finishing line within the midfield. I need approximately 7 to 8 km to get into a running rhythm at all. It is amazing that independently from me my little sister made the same experience, so the long distance run had to lie in our genes. I finished my 1st marathon - the Berlin Marathon - in 3:16:46 h. But very soon a marathon did not suffice any more and I wanted to find out my limits. I heard of extreme sports and the extreme marathon runs. So I did the "Marathon des Sables" and finally I found my discipline, the really long distance for extreme athletes.

From now on extreme running competitions like the "Desert cup" in Jordan, "Himalayan stage Race", "100 Miles of Namib Desert" followed as well as the Rallye "Paris-Dakar", the "Master Rallye", the "UAE Desert Challenge" in the crazy and adventurous world of the big Rallyes.

On the following pages you will get more information about my running & Rallye events. Enjoy reading !

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