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Motocycle Rallye with Jens Fritzsch

In the following you find some articles and photos of my participations in Rallyes of the last few years. From time to time I also organize slide shows of my adventures. Those who are interested and would like to find out more about me should write an mail (interested in slide-show) or simply give me a call at +49-172-46-59-430.

March 2014: Carta-Rallye in Marocco

Occasionally I also do the Service at Desert Rallyes as at the "Carta-Rallye" in Marocco. On behalf of Maltec-Motorsports I do my best to reach the next service point as fast as I can but nevertheless reliably. Often I chose the shortest route even with heavy machinery.

Carta-Rallye in Marocco Carta-Rallye
Dezember 2012: November Kåsan 2012

This year the November Kåsan takes place on 1st and 2nd of December in Eskilstuna in Sweden. We need special helmet cameras for this competition since it takes place mostly during the night. Also the weather conditions can be very different at the beginning of December. Spikes tires definitely belong into the tool box. Only a small minority of all riders can usually call themselves a finisher at the end.

November Kasan 2012 November Kasan 2012
2011: Roof of Africa

The race through the rocky mountains of the south african Lesotho is called the mother of all enduro races. Protectors on the competitor and at his bike are neccessary accessories in this kind of motorsports and speed is defined differently in this race. Some passages are only manageable in walking pace across rocky steps and steep up- and downhill sections. Due to an injury I had to retire on the second of three race days.

Roof of Africa Roof of Africa
2010: 24 Stunden Enduro

It is possible to participate in the category “Iron Man” in the Endurance Day in Torgau/Neiden (GER) if one can provide a medical certificate. The 24 hrs nonstop competition is a real endurance test for man and bike.

The 24 hrs nonstop The 24 hrs nonstop
2009: Gotland Grand Nationale

The difficulty of this 3 hours Enduro race consisted of the high number of participants of 2000 riders on a 22km circuit. Deep mud alternated with lime rocks. The result: 4 laps.
Every participant was awarded with a Gotland Grand Nationale Medal.

Gotland Grand Nationale with medal
2008: Transsyberia Rallye

During the Transsyberia Rallye with a total distance o 7.500 km from Moscow to Ulan Bator I was the driver of a Landrover of the organization to take a camera team in full race speed to the most interesting spots of the race. The almost untouched and unspoilt nature held an uncountable number of rivers and passages of mud in Russia and stones as well as sand in the northern Gobi Desert in store.

With a camera team in full race speed during the Transsyberia Rallye Transsyberia
2004: Orpi Maroc

The 5 stages through the hot stone desert of Morocco would have been really hard enough. But even harder was the fight with the jury which would not want to let me start on the last stage.

Desert rallye does not necessarily mean sand only Morocco
2003: Baja Portugal

I chose a lighter machine for the fast race across the Portuguese cork oak forests. A crash with an other competitor cost me a lot of time.

Motorbike and pilot unharmed Portugal
2002: Master Rallye Russia

This year the Master Rallye led from St. Petersburg in 5000 km and 10 days through Russia to the Black Sea. 10 days of rain were a contrast in comparison to the classical desert rallye. I finished in 23th position.

2002: Italian Baja

Stones in all size ranges and riverbeds formed all of the surface of this race. Thus it was no surprise that many competitors came to the finish with square wheels. And why should I have been an exception?

2001: UAE Desert Challenge

A rallye of contrasts in the desert state of the United Arab Emirates. On the one hand side you enjoy a luxury side programme before and after the race and on the other hand you have four pure sand dune stages. In the end I was the best German at the finishing line.

Rallye sports and luxury in the sand UAE Desert
2001: Baja Espana

This is a one day event taking place in the Spanish summer heat of July. 800 km in very selective terrain had to be managed in a maximum time allowed of 17 hours. Only 19 out of 50 motorbike competitors saw the finishing line. Caused by technical issue of my bike I slightly exceeded this maximum time and came in as 19th but without being classified.

Baja España Baja España

2000: Master Rallye Paris – Istanbul

After a long liaison stage from Paris to Hungary the event was finally about to really start. The course lead through Romania to the Black Sea. There we had to ship the bikes in Constanta and the competitors flew onboard a Russian Jak 40 Aircraft to Samsun, where drivers and bikes were reunified. From there we went ahead to the finish in Istanbul in four days stages across stony mountain passes and full speed passages which really challenged the drivers. I finished in 25th position.

Master Rallye Paris - Istanbul Master Istanbul

1999: Rallye of Egypt

3000 km desert rallye in 8 stages through Egypt. Inspite of bone fractures on the 2nd stage I finished in 31st position.

Rallye sports is not made for wimps. Egypt
1999: Rallye Optic 2000

3000 km desert rallye in 8 stages through Tunesia. Inspite of technical issues of my bike I finished in 84th postion.

If only technology would not fail! Optic 2000
1999: Desert rallye Granada – Dakar

During my second attempt to finish this famous desert rallye, a major break of all of the spokes of my front wheel litteraly put a spoke in my wheel. My spare wheel was in the accompanying airplane of the organization

I think it is understandable that one wants to through away the motorbike. Granada Dakar

1998: Enduro de Touquet

1000 crazy competitors stand on the starting line of the biggest motorbike beach race. The race takes 3 hours. The 16,5 km circuit consists of deep sand. I managed to go 3 rounds. In 2000 I already managed to go

Rallye sports for crazy guys Beach race
1997: Rallye Dakar – Agades – Dakar

The Queen of all long distance rallyes gives someone a run for his money. The motorbike which was especially configured for this event, completely burnt out in Senegal near the borderline to Mali.

A must in the world of rallye sports – with the motorbike to Dakar. ;-( Dakar

Further participations in rallyes:

2 times participation in the Transdanubia Ride (3rd and 2nd place in my class)
2 times participation in the Baja Germany (I unfortunately forgot the classification)

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